In Tune With Dr. Hugh Flax

As a profession, dentistry attracts a diverse compilation of people from all walks of life.   Because of that diversity; thousands of professionals with different interests, goals and motivations, and who subscribe to an extensive array of philosophies and methodologies; today's patients receive tremendous care and the most expansive variety of treatment options ever available to them. The profession is an anthology of talented clinicians, but there are some who (seemingly) effortlessly also excel at incorporating the "human factor" into their patients  experiences. There's no magic formula or defined personality type - there are just some who dare to dream a little bigger and dig a little deeper.

I've been fortunate in my twenty years in dentistry to interact with thousands of people who are out there making a difference. You know many of them by name and by their clinical contributions but how often do you get to know the person behind the professional persona?  For those of you who haven't had the opportunity, I'd like you to get to know Dr. Hugh Flax.


By his senior year in high school, Hugh had narrowed his potential career choices down to two options.  He would either become a rock star, or a dentist.  Music has been and likely always will be a healthy obsession, but dentistry proved to be his true calling and we're proud to recognize him as our current CoverDoc.

So, why dentistry? It may have had something to do with the fact that his mother was a highly phobic dental patient.  Hugh remembers a time when he accompanied her on a routine visit to her dentist. His name was Dr. George Brooks. He was a gentle man who took extra measures and as much time as was necessary to make her comfortable and reduce the anxiety she felt about being in his office.   His kindness and compassion made a profound impression on the future Dr. Flax. He was inspired.